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Image of 2 Faced Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

2 Faced Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

They say you should be careful when you make crazy faces, because they might stick that way forever. We realize this is just something adults tell kids to get them to stop with the goofy looks, but it still raises some interesting questions. If your face...

Image of Chompers Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

Chompers Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

It's often said that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. We're not sure what whoever said that was trying to get at. Doctors are always telling us we need to work out more muscles to stay healthy. So, does that mean that people who...

Image of FX Diseased Tattoo Kit

FX Diseased Tattoo Kit

You didn't expect the sickness to spread so quickly, no one did. For a long time, chaos hit the streets as people prepared to quarantine themselves. all those people crowding into the supermarkets just made it spread faster. Now it's eerily silent outside,...

Image of Reaper XL Temporary Tattoo

Reaper XL Temporary Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, the bigger the badder. If you’re looking for a fun tattoo to rock this Halloween or for any other occasion, check out this XL reaper temporary tattoo. Not only is this tattoo big (9 inches wide and 10 inches in height), but...

Image of Squirm Worm Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

Squirm Worm Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

The secret is out: zombies have been "in" these past few years. If you have been to a costume party lately, or looked at some of the recent movies and TV shows that have come out over the past decade, you've probably been aware of this creepy craze that's...

Image of Stapled FX Tattoo Kit

Stapled FX Tattoo Kit

There are a lot of options for plastic surgery, but no one must have told you that before you took a stapler to your face. We don't want to judge, but you made that a little bit of a challenge. Of course, we don't really know how those painful looking...

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