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Elegant prom dresses to make your special day memorable

The time all teenagers have been waiting years for has finally arrived. No we don’t mean the highly anticipated return of Justin Bieber; we are obviously talking about a little event known as the prom!

A rite of passage for all high school students, prom allows the boys and girls to dress up to the nines, put their academic troubles behind them, and dance the night away with their friends and sweethearts. Therefore you can imagine that the pressure to look fabulous is sky high!

Girls will have been thinking about their elegant prom dresses for months, if not years. Luckily, although fashion changes and evolves season by season, prom dresses pretty much stay the same bar a few little details. Elegant prom dresses are what all the girls are after, and the internet is full of places for them to pick and choose their gowns with ease.

We know that the girls want to channel the ultimate Disney princess Cinderella, and luckily there are hundreds of elegant prom dresses in existence that let them make their princess dreams a reality. What do we mean by princess dresses, exactly? We are referring to dresses that resemble ball gowns, ones that nip in at the waist to show off the teeny tiny frame, and then expand into a massive ball. This allows the girl to twist and turn all night with layers upon layers of fabric moving along effortlessly and rhythmically beside her. It’s pretty magical even if we do say so ourselves!

However, not all girls think the phrase elegant prom dresses translates into Disney-approved ball gowns. Some girls like to go down the Hollywood red carpet look, which is also a perfectly acceptable and equally glamorous road to go down. So what are we referring to when we mention the stars of Tinsel Town and their aforementioned ultra-glam frocks? If you envision the Oscars and other big awards ceremonies that happen at the beginning of the year (otherwise known as awards season – clever!) then you’ll get the picture pretty quickly. We are talking glitter, sparkle, bling – if it shines and reflects when it catches the light, it’s perfect for the prom! We are also talking skin-tight dresses that highlight and accentuate every single curve. Perhaps the girls might even like to go down the Angelina Jolie at the Oscars route and opt for a dress with a dangerously thigh high slit. School is definitely out!

And finally, the other kinds of elegant prom dresses that we are seeing more of in recent years are the non-floor-length ones, the ones that come just above or below the knee. These are often more fun to wear, and the girls tend to have more of a fuss-free time at the prom, as they aren’t worried about people stepping on their dresses or aren’t waddling like ducks in dresses that are too tight to walk in. if you want to go to the prom to let your hair down and dance the night away, then perhaps a 60s inspired vintage dress with a cute flared skirt is the best route to go down.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but with an almost unlimited number of elegant prom dresses out there, we know you will find one to make your special day truly memorable.



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